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Planning a cruise is just the beginning...


Travel by Vickie can reserve your private transportation to and from the cruise terminal.  No need to stand in long lines for Uber, Taxi's, and rental cars.  The reservation for transportation will provide you a confirmed pick up and drop off at your destination.  The ideal way to end your long travel day is having your private transport assist in loading your bags and leave all the driving worries behind.  


It is not recommended to arrive for your cruise on departure day.  Travel by Vickie can assist with your travel plans to arrive the day before you set sail.  It is better to be safe than sorry to miss your cruise.  Unforeseen events can happen like flight delays, lost luggage, weather delays, or missing your flight.  Travel by Vickie can help in booking a hotel close to the cruise terminal for convenient transportation the day of embarkment.  


If you thought you were excited about your cruise, wait till you see the huge selection of shore excursions offered by your cruise line.  Whether your family is ready for high adrenaline or a pleasant walk along a wilderness trail, Vickie can assist in finding the perfect excursion.  Book excursions early and don't miss out on the fun.  FACT:  Book your shore excursions with your cruise line, if your tour is running late, you and your family will not be left behind at port.  


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