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Alaska 2016!

My husband had a business trip in Alaska and he invited me to join. Alaska is known for being daylight at 10:00 pm and the villages are old school. Nothing fancy about their architecture because the people live in the rituals of tradition and keep their culture the same as when their ancestors were living 40+ years ago. The whole state is beautiful, the air is clean, and every day we explored all over Alaska. The clear turquoise waters took my breath away and watching salmon swim by that measured at least 2 feet long. They had the most beautiful bright orange gills I have ever seen. God truly blessed this land with gigantic glaciers, gorgeous mountains, and all varieties of wildlife, and the food was delicious. We visited Seward and saw the Alaska Bore Tide. The Bore Tide is a wave that measures 10 feet high, that thunders into Turnagain Arm just south of Anchorage in the right tide conditions. We visited the Alyeska Ski Resort which blessed us with beautiful aerial views.

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